2 short stories for kids I’m a baby owl! Story for kids Hi guys! I am a baby owl! It’s been a few days since my siblings and I hatched our egg and came out! We birds have a big differ…

I’m a baby owl! Story for kids

Hi guys! I am a baby owl! It’s been a few days since my siblings and I hatched our egg and came out! We birds have a big difference from other animals. When we hatch and are born, we are very different from when we grow up. When we are born, we don’t have feathers, our eyes don’t see well, and we can’t fly and walk! We scream so that our mother and father feed us. We also eat and eat until we grow up and grow feathers and be able to fly like other birds.

In the first few weeks of our lives, we owls can’t do anything except stay in the nest, make noise, and eat!

You must want to know what a nest is! A nest is something like your house, But it’s not quite like home. Our owls’ home is either in the hole in the tree’s trunk or in the crack in the stone walls! Sometimes we make nests in the gaps in the ground.

Okay! Now I want to tell you some of the foods we owls like. We love owls, lizards, and fish! We also love mice very much. When our mom and dad come home with these foods, we are very excited and scream with happiness!

Sometimes we eat grasshoppers, which are very delicious!

By hunting rodents like mice, our moms and dads make their number not increase! If there are too many of them, they will damage the vegetable fields! We will grow up faster by eating them!

We owls have very sharp ears and can hear even the slightest movements! Our big eyes can see everything in the dark and fly safely.

One of the most important things we can do is to pray quietly! We fly so quietly that no one hears our flapping wings. That’s why when a mouse moves in the dark of the night, we hear its sound very quickly, and then we go very slowly and hunt it!

Our moms and dads are very skilled in hunting; that’s why everyone calls us owls: the king of hunting at night.

Oh! I nearly forgot to say one important thing: at night, when you people sleep, we owls are awake and eat and fly! And in the morning, when you wake up and play, we owls sleep and rest!

We also have a very cute feature! We owls can turn our heads a full circle and see behind us. It’s so cool and funny! Is not it?!

If, on a quiet night, you hear the sound of “Whooooooo, Whooooooo,” it might be our voice saying hello to you!

Whooooooooo! Whooooo!

Well, my dad brought me food! I have to eat, and then it’s time for flight class! I have to learn to fly very fast! So goodbye, my good friend!

Tata, a snowman with a purple nose kids story

did you ever see a snowman with a purple nose? well, no one saw! Cause all snowmen have orange noses! But one day, in snowmen’s land, a snowman was born called Tata. There was something different about him! He had eggplant as a nose, not a carrot!

He became known as the purple nose! The others always looked at him with surprise! Sometimes he even noticed that his friends were making fun of him.

One day, when he was really upset with his nose, he decided to change its color! So he picked the orange color and poured it on his nose! Now Tata was like the rest of his friends, and he was no longer ashamed!

Now Tata was like the rest of his friends, and he was no longer ashamed!

When his friends saw him, they asked with surprise:

Why is your nose not purple anymore?

Tata replied:

Because I went to the market and bought a new nose!

His friends said:

Is it possible to buy a nose from the market?

Tata also answered:

Yes, of course! You can see that I bought it.

Tata and his friends played together and had fun! He was pretty happy that he had become like the rest of his friends.

After a few hours, it started raining and washed away the color of Tata’s nose! Tata’s friends said:

Your nose is purple again! Did you lie to us?

Tata was very embarrassed that the others had discovered his lie, so he hurriedly ran home.

Tata’s grandmother had come to their house to be their guest for a few days. When the grandmother saw that Tata was upset, she sat next to him and asked:

Why are you upset, my dear? Let me know if something is bothering you.

Tata told the whole story to his grandmother. Grandma said:

Look into my eyes! One of my eyes is a black button, and the other is a green button! So I am not like other snowmen too!

Tata looked at the grandmother’s eyes with surprise and said:

Are you not upset that your eyes are not the same?

Grandma replied:

I think the differences between snowmen; it’s a fascinating and beautiful thing!

Tata remembered his grandfather and said:

Grandpa’s hat is taller than all the other snowmen!

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Grandmother Snowy said:

One of aunt’s hands is wooden, and the other is made of metal! Now, do you realize that we are all different?

Tata looked at her purple nose in the mirror and said:

But among all those orange colors, my purple nose is very noticeable.

Grandma said:

Well, it is very, very great! In this way, you can be found very easily among all those orange colors and shine like a star!


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