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Namanameh analytical news site, with the help of a group of artists and intellectuals, entered the field of information with the aim of critique, analysis and news of Iranian and world cinema on 17/3/2017. Namanameh considers the most important approach to be the dissemination of correct information. The Pattern of Protection of National Interests considers the interests of the people and the beliefs of the society as its duty and observes the social realities with a “people-centered” approach.

Objectives, policies and priorities of the analytical news site:

Realistic reflection without news and cassette
Help promote public culture
Production and strengthening of intellectual and cultural currents in various fields
Observance of fidelity in publishing news
Fairness in presenting analyzes of all political currents
Avoid excesses
Efforts to create a spirit of hope in society
Build trust between the media and the audience
Responsible manager: Boroumand Shokri (researcher and author)

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