Omid Jalili ; An Iranian singer, songwriter and ComposerHe was born on “29. October.1994 in Ahvaz,Iran”.In addition to Farsi, he is also fluent in German due to living in Austria.He is considered an Iranian of two nationalities; and has the citizenship of Austria.
He was interested in music since he was a child. He started writing songs (and composing) at the age of 9, and he has collaborated with many famous Iranian singers and artists.He also plays and teaches volleyball.
He was one of the activists of Iran’s recent protest movement on the issue of forced hijab and oppression of women in his country! He has written several protest songs for famous singers.And some of his music was published on the Persian channel « Manoto tv ».
In 2015 he went to Graz, Austria and started professional singing courses. Omid had two role models in pop and rock music (Pink Floyd and Habib). He is also interested in metal and jazz music. He released his first official music “Filmnameh” in 2020-exclusively from the Taraneh company-(it was his first experience of metal singing).
In 2022, he formed a music group called “Nedaye Arefan”. In this group, monastic and mystical music can be heard,and this group is preparing for concert tours around the world.

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