After four decades of professional and artistic activity in the cinema of the Islamic Revolution, Massoud Jafari Jozani was honored by the head of the Fatah Narrative Cultural Foundation.

According to the public relations of the Fatah Narrative Cultural Foundation, Seyed Mohammad Yashar Naderi, President of the Fatah Narrative Cultural Foundation, after four decades of professional and committed activity in the field of Islamic Revolution cinema, honored Massoud Jafari Jozani by awarding a plaque and a picture to Sardar Rashid Islam Haj Qasem Soleimani.

The text of the commendation plaque, which was signed by the head of the Fatah Narrative Cultural Foundation, is as follows:

“Honorable brother and educated artist

Dear Mr. Massoud Jafari Jozani

In the true sense of the word, Iranian cinema created a new and glazed design with the creation of your works. Indeed, in the years when there was no news of technology and dazzling facilities in the new cinema of the revolution, Your Excellency boldly exemplified “Cold Roads”. You showed your first feature film to the world and proved that the first of the technical and hardware possibilities of this creativity is combined with courage, bravery and commitment to the land and the homeland that play a leading role in the art of cinema and how beautiful is the rich culture of yesterday and today. You portrayed today with “Stone Lion” and “In the path of a hurricane” and told the story of our three generations of Iranians in the glorious and enduring series “In the Eye of the Wind” and finally how wisely the late Akbar Alemi, who knows cinema deeply, said: You know the taste of the world and you know how to put the fragments left in history together and dramatize it so that we feel proud in the world with your films, and this is a trait that, after forty years of committed activity and far from some gossip, turns into Your signature is on your works.

This memorial plaque is the least of your tireless efforts in the four decades of creating lasting works such as the Knights of the Field of Truth that have thrilled the enthusiasts of true art. Wishing you good health and well-being, precious artist, and hoping to make and produce the most enduring and lasting films of Islamic Iranian cinema.

your brother

Seyed Mohammad Yashar Naderi

Head of Fatah Narrative Cultural Foundation »

Masoud Jafari Jozani, director and screenwriter, was born in 1327 in Malayer. He started his career in 1958 with the documentary “Towards Freedom” and in 1984 he directed his first film called “Cold Roads”. Among his works are “Stone Lion”, “In the Path of a Storm”, “Heart and Sticker”, “Maturity”, “Behind the Wall of Silence” and “In the Eye of the Wind”.

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