Namanameh News Agency: One of the sections of the festival (Prad Cinema-France Cinema Meetings) announced the list of short films of the competition section (Iranian women filmmakers). About 30 short films were submitted for this section, of which 8 films competed. The first selected films will be awarded 700 euros and the second film 500. –

The selected videos are: Do not tell anyone (magic) – 2. Sheila (purifying coral) – 3. Spring (Faezeh Karimpour) – 4. Spotted yellow (cold rain) – 5. Flasher (Pantea Mehdi Nia) – 6. Barzakh (Golmakani ode) – 7. American Cow (Tusi Sky) – 8. Show (Behnazaskendernejad). All films will be screened in the original language with French subtitles.

The list of feature films of Iranian women filmmakers, which is included in this program, will be announced soon. One of the definitive films in this episode is the first successful film made by Ms. Noushin Mearaji, who recently won two awards for Best Actor at the Moscow International Film Festival, as well as the best film by the Russian Critics Association.

Last year, the Prad Festival, like many others, was canceled due to the condition of the Corona virus. Of course, a limited number of celebrities were able to work online. The directors of Prad Cinema Meetings are very optimistic this year for their 62nd round, which is scheduled to take place physically from July 17 to 23.

Founded in 1959 by Ronnie Claire (French filmmaker) with Pabloclas, the Prad Festival was non-competitive and featured only the works of important filmmakers, or a film school, or praise for an actor, and so on. From the very first year, François Truffaut took part with four hundred blows. This festival is the oldest in France after Cannes. In the following years, great people such as: Joseph Lozi, Polanski, Bernardo Bertolucci, Tavernier, Atom Egoian, Michel Piccoli, Robergidian, Toghireh participated in this festival with their works. –

Iranian cinema has also had programs in this festival in some periods, including reviewing the works of Rafi Pitz, etc. Mohammad Haghighat has been a member of its board of trustees for about ten years, and this year he was invited to manage the women’s section of Iranian cinema. Iran is one of the most prolific and creative countries where women filmmakers are very diverse, active, and constantly flourishing.

For this period of the festival, its directors have prepared several programs, including praise for the French actor Simone Siniure, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. He started his artistic activity on the radio. In 1942, he continued his work with theater and at the same time began acting in films. He made more than forty feature films with famous directors – for which he won many awards, including the Cannes Film Festival, then the Oscars – BAFTA, etc. –

The other program of the Prade Festival also deals with young French cinema by showing a collection of works by Damien Mann (forty years old). With his four feature films, he has won awards at festivals in Venice, Cannes, Locarno, etc., and is considered one of the most important talents in French cinema.

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